Portable  Ultrasound Service

Discover the convenience of Al-Maarifa Healthcare Services’ versatile and portable mobile ultrasound offerings. We specialize in General, Vascular, Echocardiography, OB/GYN, and Breast Ultrasound Services, all within the comfort of your own space. Our dedicated team of sonographers travels directly to your location, providing exams as prescribed by physicians or nonphysician practitioners.

Key Features of Our Portable Ultrasound Services:

  1. Full Range of Imaging Ultrasound: We offer comprehensive ultrasound scans covering Abdominal, Pelvic, Thyroid, Breast, Scrotal, Carotid, Upper and Lower Venous, Upper and Lower Arterial Studies, Echocardiography, and Soft Tissue.
  2. Same-Day Exams with Rapid Results: Our skilled sonographers conduct same-day exams, capturing high-quality images with color precision. Results are swiftly uploaded online, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule.
  3. State-of-the-Art Digital Equipment: Al-Maarifa Healthcare Services employs cutting-edge digital ultrasound equipment, guaranteeing accurate and detailed imaging for every examination.
  4. Convenient 24-hour Service: We prioritize your convenience and well-being. Our portable ultrasound services are available within 24 hours of your request, providing swift and efficient healthcare solutions.
  5. Expert Interpretations: Your ultrasound images are securely uploaded to our team of interpreting physicians, including board-certified radiologists and cardiologists. Our experts are available 24/7/365 to provide accurate and timely interpretations, ensuring the highest standard of care.
  6. Certified Sonographers: Rest assured, our sonographers are highly skilled professionals, licensed, credentialed, and certified by reputable organizations such as ARDMS, ARRT, and CCI. Your health is in capable hands.
  7. Comprehensive Quality Assurance: We maintain a rigorous quality assurance protocol, utilizing an Advanced Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS). This system ensures the accuracy and reliability of our services, delivering peace of mind to our clients.

Experience the future of healthcare with Al-Maarifa Healthcare Services’ portable ultrasound solutions. Our commitment to excellence, combined with the ease of our services, allows you to prioritize your health without compromising your comfort. Book your portable ultrasound appointment today and experience healthcare on your terms.