Foley  Catheter Care

Our specialized Foley Catheter Services ensure optimal care and comfort for patients requiring urinary assistance. A Foley catheter is expertly placed during surgery, gently guiding it through the urethra until it rests in the bladder. Equipped with a small balloon filled with fluid, it stays securely in place, efficiently draining urine into a convenient collection bag.

How the Foley Catheter Works:

The Foley catheter is carefully inserted, allowing urine to flow seamlessly from the bladder through a tube and into the collection bag. Patients, especially those recovering from surgery, benefit from this service when they find it challenging to use a bedpan or walk to the bathroom.

Our Dedicated Foley Catheter Care:

At Active Al-Maarifa Healthcare Services, Inc., our skilled nurses prioritize your well-being. Foley Catheter care begins with meticulous hand hygiene. Regular emptying of the leg bag every two to three hours and the larger bag every eight hours ensures uninterrupted drainage.

Bag Changing Process:

Our experienced nurses handle bag changes with utmost care. They initiate the process by cleansing their hands thoroughly. After emptying the bag, they use soap and water to sanitize the catheter connection. Expertly disconnecting the old bag and connecting the new one, they maintain proper slack in the catheter, ensuring comfort for the patient.

Essential Guidelines for Patients:

Patients are encouraged to observe their Foley catheter and urinary habits diligently. Any deviation from the norm, such as fever, cloudy or foul-smelling urine, leakage, abdominal discomfort, bloody urine, or reduced urine flow, warrants immediate medical attention. We advise patients to report any concerns promptly, ensuring their safety and well-being.

At Active Al-Maarifa Healthcare Services, Inc., our compassionate nurses provide expert Foley Catheter care. Contact us today to discover how our specialized services can make a difference in your life. Your comfort and health are our top priorities.